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Bob's interests are many and varied. After a lifetime in the Media .. he has seen .. and been part of more than the average punter. His first grab at fame came when was given the job of Saturday night DJ on radio 5AD back in the mid 1960's. Then came the 5AD Shark Patrol .. and Bob was the reporter crossing live into Saturday and Sunday afternoon radio to report on shark sightings and beach conditions along Adelaide's beaches. At the time he was a technician .. but rapidly made his way into radio news as 5AD's breakfast news reader. After a couple of years television beckoned and he became a Channel 7 reporter and newsreader. There was a stint with the Federal Government as the State Manager of The Australian Government Liaison Service and then Bob decided to go freelance as a radio and television reporter and cameraman. He covered radio from his mobile communications centre (his car) from 5-30am .. then it was off to whichever TV station wanted him for the rest of the day. At night he was on call for Channel 9 and the ABC.

Who needed sleep ! Channel 9 eventually talked him into working for them full time .. and in rapid succession he was Chief of Staff .. Producer .. and News Editor. When he resigned in 1998 he was News Operations Manager.

The business .. NEWSMAKERS began when he went freelance in 1976 .. so it was a matter of picking up the reins again as a news production business.

He now splits his time between the Newsmakers Media Consultancy and Event Management.

In 2000 Bob was the Broadcast Venue Manager for the shooting venue at the Sydney Olympics .. working for SOBO .. the Sydney Olympic Broadcast Organisation.

Bob is a strong supporter of the VARIETY CLUB .. the international charity for sick and disadvantaged kids,

One of their main fundraisers in South Australia is the Variety Club Bash .. a madcap motoring event where corporate executives and self made men behave like children for a week !

It's a 7 or 8 day car rally over the toughest roads .. where the cars must be 30 years old .. and to keep up appearances .. they must be fitted with flashing lights .. sirens .. a loud public address system. Each car has a "theme" usually associated with one of their sponsors. The crew may dress up like schoolgirls .. or Batman and Robin .. or Arabs .. or the Blues Brothers. Last year's event raised over $1.4 million for sick and disadvantaged kids.

Bob has been on "Bashes" for 7 years .. one run was in a 6 wheel drive Oshkosh fire truck .. as "Rescue 911" .

His last year it was as The Mafia in a 1936 Dodge Limo..

He's a Grandpa now .. so he's starting to slow down a bit.


Bob Perry has always been interested in fire trucks. He was a volunteer ambulance driver for St. John for many years .. perhaps it was the lure of the siren .. perhaps it was the number of fires he's covered for TV.


It started with a 1965 International hose carriage and pumper. It was the last of it's type in service with the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service and is in full working condition.

He owned the Inter for a month before he broke the news to Heather.

Bob has restored it and now runs it in events like the Convoy for Kids .. ( a charity event where 100s of trucks take disabled kids on a convoy) .. and the Birdwood Classic .. (an event for classic vehicles) .. as well as fire parades.







When a chance came to give a home to some more South Australian firefighting history .. Bob jumped at it. It was a tight squeeze in the shed .. but he managed to fit a 1942 American La France pumper in alongside the Inter. The La France was part of the Lend Lease deal with the United States during the second World War. Five appliances came to Adelaide .. a La France ladder truck .. and 4 pumpers. The ladder is in the Birdwood Mill Motor Museum .. an other pumper is in the Penrith Fire Museum. Bob's truck is undergoing some major restoration work.

The La France has a V 12 engine .. and in it's day was capable of speeds up to 100 miles an hour.

"OLD 55"

Then came a 1942 International K6 pumper ..

 also ex the S.A. Fire Brigade.

Old 55 is in original condition and takes pride of

place in the huge Bay to Birdwood vintage and veteran car rally.

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