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Heather is modest about her achievements .. but we .. her family ..are -pretty proud of her.

She has been a Registered nurse for most of her life .. working in many public and private hospitals in Adelaide ... retiring as a Nurse Manager. Late in life she became a part time student and achieved her Diploma Applied Science (Nursing) .. then went on to get her Bachelor of Nursing .. and peaked with a Master of Education (Human Resource Studies)

But her life these days tends to the alternative.

Heather is a level II exponent of Reiki .. teaches The Tarot .. Meditation .. conducts Angel seminars .. and is interested in crystals and their healing abilities.


Heather became interested in meditation while she was still nursing. She chose the topic for her Masters. Her thesis was on the use of meditation to relieve the stress of nurses in cancer wards. This involved her teaching meditation to a group of nurses and then monitoring their lives through questionaries. The programme worked so well that her students were teaching patients how to meditate to ease their stress .. and then going home and teaching their husbands to meditate. In another ground breaking experiment .. she taught meditation for stress relief to a hardened group of police in our equivalent of a SWAT team .. the Special Tasks and Rescue division (STAR Division).


Tarot is as natural to Heather .. as breathing. She is truly gifted. Heather reads the cards professionally from our home.

She also teaches the art of Tarot to small groups.


The power of crystals play a big part in Heather's life. She is a strong believer in their ability to heal and change our emotions.


Heather is fascinated by Angels .. and regularly conducts workshops to teach others about them.

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